Sweet Architecture In Homes

I’ve visited many of my friends’ homes all around the world.  Since a lot of them I met through studying architecture, most of them have these amazing houses that they’ve either designed themselves or gotten help from a contractor to lay out their visions.  The thing with us people who study architecture is we always wish to have our vision brought to life.  That’s why most of us either design homes for a living and go into architecture careers or we do it as a hobby and construct our own homes to design.  However, there are times in my life where I’ve found myself being repetitive with my designs and layouts.  This is often the time where I travel to different places in the world to get more inspiration.

One of the most amazing designs I’ve ever seen was a house built in Ontario.  It was custom designed by a prefab homes company, and they had beautifully created bungalow house plans along with other cottage and house plans.  There was this one bungalow plus loft home that they had designed and built, and when I went to view it, it literally took my breath away.  From the outside, you can see inside because the house had these huge ceiling to floor windows on the front of the house and the back.  You could basically see the backyard from the front of the house if you’re standing from the right angle.  The garage had normal doors but on top, it had the same glass, so if you were standing on a ladder, you could see inside the garage as well.  When you walk in, everything had frosted, green-tinted glass.  The doors, cabinets, stairs were all made from this.  It was probably the most modern home I’ve ever stepped foot in.

glassI asked the person showing me the home about the architecture that designed the place, and she had told me that the floor plan was designed by a contractor but that the furnishings, brick, and glass were all designed by an interior designer.  Immediately I asked to be put in touch with the designer and she told me her inspiration was actually stemmed from her childhood.  She remembered back when she was a little girl that her parents used to take her into a neighbourhood filled with mansions during Christmas time to see the lights.  She said she always wondered what the homes looked like from inside.  That’s the reason she basically built this house from glass.  Now, I know that seems sort of creepy, but the home is built in a very private area that’s gated so no one random can come into the neighbourhood.  The windows she installed were also made so that they could be tinted dark if needed.  The company that built this house clearly has amazing taste, and for more designs, visit www.RoyalHomes.com.  You should definitely check them out if you’re interested in purchasing a new home.

So after my tour around several homes in the area, I went back to design something that I felt would be comfortable to live in.  Maybe something that’s not completely made of glass but has many features that includes glass.  I thought her idea was extremely original and well though out.  It gave me great inspiration, and I’m looking forward to my next project!

Creative Architectural Buildings And Homes

In every place in the world, you are able to wander around visit beautiful pieces of architecture.  Whether this is encompassed within homes, churches, or even government buildings, the creativity is endless and evolving.  Throughout our history, architecture has changed gradually and greatly at the same time.  Depending on where you are in the world, you might even be able to trace the timeline and history of how this pieces were created or through time and the evolution of human culture.


Often, we miss the little things that are created in these huge, architectural buildings.  It might be a part of a crown moulding that has delicate details applied, or it might be the shade of brick that’s been cultivating and changing through hundreds of years’ time.  These details may seem small, but it’s what makes the structure the way it is.  By combining all these minuscule details together, the artist’s vision can be detected and viewed differently every time you go to view the structure.  That’s the beauty of architecture – you notice something different every time.